Type: Combat sports, Passe-partout

Wing chun

Wing chun

Are you looking for a quick and effective way to face a bigger and stronger opponent? Then this training at Amstelcampus is yours. This Kung Fu style was developed by a woman. And the training is only meant for women.


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Wing chun at the USC: how does it work?

  • There are 2 trainings of 1.5 hours each in Amstelcampus sport & fitness
  • ou can take these trainings with your wing chun- or passe-partout membership.
  • For women only.
  • You will focus on breathing, posture, relaxation.
  • You will be challenged physically: it’s a real work-out.
  • The instructor trains you to react calm in stressful situations, and above all, she teaches you how to defend yourself.
  • You can join the trainings all year through.
  • You are always welcome to try out wing chun. Just go to the front desk before the start of a training.
  • With your membership you can also join the circuit training for combat sportsmen and the free training hours in the dojo. Both are available in sportcentrum Universum.
  • You can choose between a 3, 6 or 12 month membership.


USC instructor

USC instructor Ginny Chow is well trained in both Wing chun and Taekwondo. She is a member of the Dutch A-selection performing in ‘style’ contests.


Are you a sports fanatic? Are you interested in various sports? The USC passe-partout is the right thing for you! This membership comprises a whole lot of different sports. Wing chun is part of the passe-partout.


Wing chun / half year

Category I € 57,-

Category II € 111.50

Category III € 185.50

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Wing chun / year

Category I € 95,-

Category II € 191,-

Category III € 336,-

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Wing chun / 3 months

Category I € 33.50

Category II € 62,-

Category III € 108,-

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Online or at the front desk.

Payment by bank collection
This is possible for all memberships that exceed the amount of €250. Ask about the possibilities at your front desk.


Amstelcampus sport & fitness
Tweede Boerhaavestraat 10
1091 AN Amsterdam
(020) 525 80 75

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Categories shortened (for full categories)
Cat. I students UvA and HvA, other Dutch day universities
Cat. II employees UvA/HvA, alumni HvA, AUV-members UvA, other full time students of universities of applied sciences
Cat. III anyone else
Subscription fee  € 10,-