Waterpolo is a genuine team sport and is played in the water with a ball. It is played in a team of at least 7 and no more than 13 players. There are always 1 goalkeeper and 6 other players in the water. Bench players are very useful though, because playing an entire game can be quite exhausting. During the game, the bench players can continuously change places with the players in the water, allowing everyone a chance to play.


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Students Waterpolo Club JAWS

JAWS is the youngest and only student waterpolo team in Amsterdam. We train twice a week. If you want, you can also engage in several tournaments during the year. Experience in waterpolo is not required. We will teach you the rules and techniques during training. So if you can swim, we will heartily welcome you! We play in the students competition and besides we have two ladies and two men’s teams. Next to sport and relaxation, JAWS has a lot of fun to offer. We organise several pub-crawls a year, at least one big party, a sail weekend and much, much more.

The Waterpolo rules

The rules are similar to those of handball. Waterpolo is played as a team. The goal is to score as many goals as possible, preferably at least one more than your opponent! Players are not allowed to touch the ball with two hands. Apart from that, almost anything is allowed as long as it is in good sportsmanship and the referee doesn’t see what you’re doing!

Waterpolo isn’t as rough as everyone seems to think. True, people tend to grab each other and push each other under water quite regularly, but this is not the main goal of the game. Usually, the games are very friendly. Waterpolo is not about playing well individually, but rather as a team. Therefore, next to strength and speed, tactical and technical insights are very important.


The training is set up for experienced players as well as beginners. We all train together. During the training, the points we focus on are stamina, speed, ball technique, tactics and rules of the game. We would like to welcome you to our training. Those who are interested can join three trial training sessions, before registering.


To subscribe, you can contact the club directly.
You can fill in a registration form there and allow us to transfer the contribution fee from your bank account automatically. To use the tariffs of categories I and II, you need to be able to prove that you are a student, staff member or graduate.

This is easy for current students of the UvA and HvA: they just have to fill in their college card number. Because of the connections with our sponsors UvA and HvA, these are easy to check. The others will need to hand in a copy of the necessary documents, i.e. a college card, most recent bank statement which shows your salary deposit* or diploma.
(* If you want, you can make the financial information unreadable.)

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Directly at the club

Free try out
Everyone interested in waterpolo can come and try out for free 3x, before registering.

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Sportfondsenbad Oost
Land van Cocagneplein 44
1093 NB Amsterdam

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