The ASRV ASCRUM has been the exemplifying student rugby club of the Netherlands since 1962. They are constantly in the spotlight not only because of their fashionable hair and clothes, but also their impressive sports performances.


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Amsterdamse Studenten Rugby Vereniging ASCRUM

Last year ASCRUM was playing in the Lotto Ereclass of the Dutch Rugby. The first year players (the “young dogs”) continually achieve victory after victory in cities like Utrecht, Delft and Leiden. We also organise trips out of the country and every year, we send five promising players on a training internship to South-Africa. In short, ASCRUM is a very social sports club.

Who and when

There are four teams at ASCRUM. Next to the aforementioned first and young dogs team there’s a second team and an “old geezer” team. The training sessions of all teams take place on Wednesdays and Fridays at 19.30.

As a beginning rugby player, you will be trained by an experienced player. With your fellow young dogs you will learn the basics of the game. About every other week, we hold a match against another student club. After this battle, we traditionally have a legendary third half of rugby.


Football boots (“cleats”, “kicks”) and a mouthguard are recommended.


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Sportpark De Eendracht
Bok de Korverweg 8
1067 HR Geuzenveld Amsterdam

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