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You want to learn how to cope with stress? Are you searching for direction and balance in your life? Mindfulness can help you live your life with more awareness and feel resilient. By living in the here and now, without reacting or judging, you will experience a vigilant peace and harmony.


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Mindfulness at USC Body & Mind: how does it work?

You can practice Mindfulness in 3 forms:

  • the 9 week Mindfulness course;
  • the weekly mindful yoga. You can choose between a 3 or 12 month membership;
  • the special silence day, 4 times a year for all (ex) course participants;
  • the short ‘Learning to meditate’ course of 4 weeks.

Mindfulness course

  • The course consists of 8 classes of 2,5 hours per week and one 6 hours silence day.
  • The course is given at USC Body & Mind; in Dutch.
  • This is the original MBSR (mindfulness based stress reduction) course, as developed by John Kabat-Zinn.
  • Prior to your subscription you will have an intake with the instructor.
  • You learn mindfulness by experience. You do special meditation exercises, yoga and you will evaluate your experiences with the group.
  • In week 6 of the course there is a silence day, only for the course takers. 
  • After finishing this course you can access the mindful yoga classes (see below) for free for one month.
  • To learn mindfulness, frequent practice is paramount. During the course you practice at home daily for 45 minutes. The cd’s and a work book which your receive at the course start will help you.
  • You can join the free meditation class, every Tuesday 18.30 – 19.00 at USC Body & Mind.
  • Be aware: instruction and manual are in Dutch only.

Mindful yoga

To develop mindfulness you will need to practice regularly. You can practice 2x a week. In ClubWest (check yoga-timetable) and in USC Body & Mind (check mindfulness-timetable). This class is Dutch spoken.

  • The mindful yoga consists of soft yoga postures (asana’s), a body scan and a short meditation. You will practice to be continuously aware of your body, breath, thoughts and feelings.
  • With the mindful yoga membership you can also join the free meditation classes in USC Body & Mind (check the yoga-timetable).
  • Be aware: instruction is in Dutch only.
  • Apart from your mindful yoga membership, the 10x/25x entrance and the passe-partout membership give you access to the mindful yoga classes.

Silence day

  • The silence day is for everyone who once took a Mindfulness course or who has ample experience with meditation.
  • This day lasts 6 hours and takes place at USC Body & Mind.
  • Various meditations are practised.
  • This day is led by the Mindfulness instructor in Dutch.

Course ‘Learning to meditate’

You want to learn how to meditate, but you don’t have the space right now to follow the longer and intensive mindfulness course. Our 4 week ‘Learning to meditate’ course is for you!

Meditation is a broad concept and there are many different ways to meditate. Meditation can be used for concentration, calmness, (self) reflection, mindfulness or (self) compassion. During this course you learn:

  • What meditation is and what it can do for you
  • How you practise meditation
  • Which form of meditation suits you
  • How you can integrate meditation into your life

The course consists of 4 classes of 1 hour. You will learn different basic forms of meditation and practise them both during the classes as well as by yourself at home.

Scientific evidence

Scientific evidence states that a period of 8 weeks is long enough to provoke lasting effects:

  • better sleep
  • easier to focus, less distracted
  • higher stress tolerance
  • less fears and feelings of depression
  • a better connection with the people around you
  • emotional stability

USC Instructors

Kristiaan bij de Vaate
studied psychology at the UvA and experienced yoga and meditation first hand in Nepal and India. He became a certified mindfulness trainer MBSR at the ‘Centrum voor Mindfulness’. Kristiaan also teaches spinning, circuit training and bootcamp at the USC. Kristiaan is certified member (cat. 1) of the VMBN.

Lies Holtrop
has over 40 years of yoga and meditation experience. In 2006 she followed a 4-year course in Traditionele Intregrale Yoga at Devine Life Society (in Bussum). She is also a certified mindfulnesstrainer MBSR and updates her knowledge and experience regularly in yoga and mindfulness courses. At the USC she gives hatha yoga, mindful yoga class and the mindfulness course. Lies is certified member (cat. 1) of the VMBN.

Lot Halsema
has over 10 years yoga and meditation experience. Since 2013 she is a yoga instructor after completing a 3 years course in transformative yoga. Besides this she is a certified mindfulness trainer MBSR. At the USC she is the mindful yoga instructor.

Coverage by health insurance

Under the additional health insurance some health insurance companies cover the mindfulness training costs. Both Kristiaan and Lies are certified members (cat. 1) of the VMBN.


Are you a sports fanatic? Are you interested in various sports? The USC passe-partout is the right thing for you! This membership comprises a whole lot of different sports. The mindful yoga training is part of the passe-partout.


Mindful yoga / year

Category I € 118,-

Category II € 236.50

Category III € 236.50

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Mindful yoga / 3 months

Category I € 35.50

Category II € 71,-

Category III € 71,-

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B&M, Mindfulness 9x, start Sat 17 Nov 10.00

Category I € 195,-

Category II € 390,-

Category III € 390,-

UnavailableTariff categories

B&M, Mindfulness 9x, start Sat 8 Sep 10.00

Category I € 195,-

Category II € 390,-

Category III € 390,-

UnavailableTariff categories

B&M, Mindfulness 9x, start Wed 31 Oct 13.30

Category I € 195,-

Category II € 390,-

Category III € 390,-

UnavailableTariff categories

USC B&M, Learning to meditate 4x, start Sun 2 Dec 17.45

Category I € 20,-

Category II € 30,-

Category III € 40,-

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USC B&M, Mindfulness silence day, Sundag 23 Dec 10.00

Category I € 12.50

Category II € 25,-

Category III € 25,-

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2018-2019 SEASON


Subscription mindfulness course
You cannot subscribe online for the mindfulness course.
After doing this intake interview you can subscribe at the front desks of sportcentrum Universum, Amstelcampus, ASC, ClubWest and PCH Fitness.

Subscription for intake
Intake interview

8x 2,5 hours classes plus a silence day
Location: USC Body & Mind

In USC Body & Mind in Amsterdam-east

– Saturday 8 September – 10 November 10.00 – 12.30 (20 October no class; silence day 3 November); by Kristiaan bij de Vaate
– Wednesday 31 October – 19 December 13.30 – 16.00 (silence day 9 December); by Lies Holtrop
– Saturday 17 November – 12 January 10.00 – 12.30 (silence day 29 December); by Kristiaan bij de Vaate


You can subscribe for the ‘Learning to meditate’ course both online as well as at the front desks of our different locations.

4x 1 hour classes
Location: USC Body & Mind

In USC Body & Mind in Amsterdam-east

– Sunday 2 December – 23 December 17.45 – 18.45; by Kristiaan bij de Vaate


USC Body & Mind
Tweede Boerhaavestraat 47B
1091 AL Amsterdam
(020) 525 89 55

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Dr. Meurerlaan 10
1067 SM Amsterdam Osdorp
(020) 525 89 09

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Categories shortened (for full categories)
Cat. I students UvA and HvA, other Dutch day universities
Cat. II employees UvA/HvA, alumni HvA, AUV-members UvA, other full time students of universities of applied sciences
Cat. III anyone else
Subscription fee € 10,-