Lacrosse combines the best elements of Football, Ice-Hockey and Basketball. It is Lacrosse: the fastest game on two feet.


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What is Lacrosse?

Lacrosse is a 10-on-10 (men) or 12-on-12 (women) teamsport on astro-turf or grass. Matches are made up of four 15 minute quarters. Each player carries a stick (or crosse) which has a netted head designed to catch, hold and shoot the rubber ball at a teammate or on goal. Lacrosse is technical and demanding for women.

For men, extra rough- and toughness are added. This requires their outfits to include helmets, gloves, arm- and shoulder-pads. Additionally, it requires their rules to include 1 to 5 minute penalties, though let it be stressed that all is within sportsmanly fairness. Man-down defense, fast-breaks, wrap-around scoring, man-up attacks: in the end, only strategy can win you the game.

The Dutch Lacrosse Union

Lacrosse has been a competitive sport in the Netherlands since 2002. Still emerging at increasing pace, the competitions currently consists of 12 (Mens) and 7 (Womens) teams. It’s both one of the youngest and one of the fastest developing sports, picked up at large by WO and HBO student enthusiasts.

Amsterdam Lions

Amsterdam Lacrosse was founded together with the introduction of the sport in the Netherlands.
The men are known as the Lions, the ladies as the Lionettes. 80% of the teams’ rosters consist of students; the other 20% make the club’s international allure. Considering this and the spirit of the sport, English is the language of choice on and off the pitch.

The teams play on the fields of sportpark Middenmeer, near the Jaap Eden iceskating track.


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Sportpark Middenmeer
Radioweg 73
1098 NG Amsterdam
(bij honk- en softbalvereniging O.V.V.O.)

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