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Hoop dance

Hoop dance

Hoop dance is influenced by many different sorts of dance, like rhythmic gymnastics, freestyle dancing, hip hop and twirling. It belongs to the flow arts spectrum.


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Hoop dance at the USC: how does it work?

  • Beginners course of 9 weeks, 75 minutes per class.
  • You learn the basics: tricks over your whole body as well as ‘off body’.
  • You learn how to dance with the hula hoop and integrate different tricks.
  • Hoop dance is playful and above all a lot of fun.
  • In case of nice weather we workout outside.

Wear and socks

Wear comfortable but tight fitting clothing or wear with grip. Avoid fluffy or satin wear. You dance bare footed or on socks.

USC instructor

Jessy Verkoeijen bought her first hoop 6 years ago. She discovered the tricks and flow of hoop dance. It was the start of her hoop dance addiction. Attracted by the challenge, the sense of freedom, dance and fun, she keeps developing her skills during hoop dance retreats along with inspiring hoop dance artists. She finished the instructors training at Movin’ Circle (Karin de Wit). Now she can share her passion and the positive effects of hoop dance on her body and mind with her students!


Univ, Hoop dance 9x, start Wed 14 February 20.00 (2 left)

Category I € 42.50

Category II € 63.50

Category III € 85.50

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Starting dates courses
Period 1: in the 11 September 2017 week
Period 2: in the 20 November 2017 week
Period 3: in the 12 February 2018 week
Period 4: in the 23 April 2018 week


Sportcentrum Universum
Science Park 306
1098 XH Amsterdam
(020) 525 89 55

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Cat. III anyone else
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