For baseball the USC co-operates with baseball and softball club Quick.


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Week 24

Baseball and/or softball is the ultimate summer sport that was brought here from America. It’s a well-known sport which is gaining popularity in the Netherlands. The world championships in September 2005 were held in the Netherlands for good reason!

Baseball and softball via the USC

The USC co-operates with baseball and softball club Quick. This allows students to join this fun club against discount prices. Quick is the place to go for this cool and strategic sport. The competition season runs from April to September (with a break for vacation).

We play on the field in Sportpark Sloten. Outside of the competition season we also train outside. If you would like to give it a try, you can use our introductory package for free! This will allow you to attend three training sessions and attend or even play in one of the matches. In addition, there’s an excellent chance to play in a tournament in the spring with other students.

Baseball and softball club Quick

Baseball and softball club Quick offers a healthy combination of sports and fun. The organisation was started in 1913 which makes it the oldest baseball and softball organisation in Europe. Currently, Quick has two baseball teams playing in the 5th and 6th class and one women’s softball team which plays in the 5th class. Another women’s team is being started. We accept new members for all teams and levels.


Use our introductory package: join our training three times for free on Tuesday nights and attend one of the matches to experience what baseball or softball is. There may even be a chance for you to play alongside the rest of the team!

Every year we hold a club day. The baseball and softball season will be concluded in a traditional manner with a softball tournament where experience doesn’t matter and it’s all about having fun in the game and familiarising oneself with the sport. Visit for more information about tournaments and our arrangement for students. For students, we will start the season with a students’ spring tournament in April. More information can be found on the website.

Quick membership

* Standard membership
You train and play matches at Quick.

* Training membership
You train at Quick, but don’t play for the club in tournaments.


Directly at the club.

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