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Weight lifting

Weight lifting

Do you want to be able to do more with barbells than just bench pressing? Do you want to improve your results through functional weightlifting? Or are you looking for a new challenging project? The Olympic weight lifting course is the course for you. After this course, or if you are already experienced, you can lift weights on your own on the platform and train under guidance on several evenings.


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Weight lifting at the USC: how does it work?

  • The course is 9 classes of 1 hour.
  • There is a course for beginners and a course for advanced.
  • Olympic lifts (OL).
  • You will learn all basic techniques and derivatives of Olympic weight lifting.
  • You will get familiar with many extra exercises which are also suitable for applications in sport-specific or personal programmes.
  • Attention: you should be able to lift a barbel (from 10 kg) above your head.
  • Every course will end with a weightlift ‘intro’ competition night.

USC instructor

Jelmer Stiekema is giving the beginners and advanced course. He is an Olympic weightlifting trainer, crossfit trainer and fitness trainer. He is also oefentherapeut Mensendieck.
Vincent van Hoogstraten is giving the walk in classes. He is Olympic weightlifting trainer, crossfit trainer, fitness trainer and physiotherapist.
Juliëtte Recourt is giving the women’s weight lifting. She is also Olympic weight lifting trainer, fitness trainer and master kettlebell trainer.

Want to weight lift more?

After your course on several nights you can participate with your fitness membership in advanced trainings or other guided trainings. As an advanced lifter you can also workout individually on the weight lifting platform! Every Monday night from 20.30 til 22.00 and every other week on Saturday from 11.30 til 13.00 Vincent van Hoogstraten offers weightlifting guidance for advanced.


Univ, Weight lifting 9x adv, start Wed 25 Apr 20.00

Category I € 38.50

Category II € 75.50

Category III € 85.50

UnavailableTariff categories

Univ, Weight lifting 9x begin, start Wed 25 Apr 19.00

Category I € 38.50

Category II € 75.50

Category III € 85.50

UnavailableTariff categories

Online or at the front desk.

Starting dates courses
Period 1: in the 11 September 2017 week
Period 2: in the 20 November 2017 week
Period 3: in the 12 February 2018 week
Period 4: in the 23 April 2018 week


Sportcentrum Universum
Science Park 306
1098 XH Amsterdam
(020) 525 89 55

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Categories shortened (for full categories)
Cat. I students UvA and HvA, other Dutch day universities
Cat. II employees UvA/HvA, alumni HvA, AUV-members UvA, other full time students of universities of applied sciences
Cat. III anyone else
Subscription fee  € 10,-