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Adventure Race Amsterdam 2018

4 May @ 19:00 - 5 May @ 15:00

| €120
Adventure Race Amsterdam USC

Navigator? Team player? Adventurer? All nighter? Even if you’re a 1 time yes, three times no, the Adventure Race Amsterdam is still for you!

What do you have to do: Adventure Race Amsterdam?

  • In teams of 4, you’ll do different assignments and challenges. Navigation, compassing, mountainbiking, stuff like that.
  • The Adventure Race Amsterdam (ARA) is a 14 hour race. If you want to sleep, don’t join.
  • Everyone can join: as long as you have a team of 4 (and don’t want to sleep).
  • ARA is organized by ASAC and USC.
  • Check last year’s photos to see what you’re up against!

When is ARA?

ARA starts on Friday 4 May at sunset. You’ll finish around 14 hours later.

What do you need?

  • A mountainbike. You can rent one for €21,- via USC. Rent includes a helmet.
  • Check the full list of equipment so you are prepared for ARA 2018.

What does it cost?

Joining ARA costs €120,- per team (including lunch and ARA-shirt in your size: woohoo!).

How to register for ARA?

  1. Think about whether you’d like to join, but don’t think too long: we have room for 30 teams! Subscription deadline is 22 April.
  2. Gather a team of 4 (wo)men.
  3. Register your team in our webshop!
  4. When we’ve received your registration, we’ll contact you by e-mail. We’ll ask you for 5 things:
    1. Your teamname
    2. The names of your teammates
    3. The shirt sizes of your teammates
    4. How many mountainbikes your team wants to rent
    5. Does your team represent a study or student(sports) association? Let us know the name of your association.

What can you win?

  • Joining a 14 hour race makes you a winner instantly, but the real winners will be awarded with amazing prizes!
  • ARA has a competition for study and student (sport) associations. The best study or student (sport) association will win €250,-. The second best association will win €100,-. NOTE: unfortunately you can’t spend this money on beer. It has to benefit the association. If your team does not represent an association, you can’t win this prize.

Adventure race training

ARA is a race for both beginning and experienced adventure racers. Beginner? It might come in handy to practice some basic skills. We’ll organize two training sessions on 17 April and 25 April. The trainings are identical and will start at 19:00h at USC Universum. The trainings will take around 2,5 hours and include a practical as well as a theoretical part. What do you bring? Running wear, some food, a protractor, a compass, a headlamp and pen and paper. Send an email to if you want to join one of the trainings. If I were you, I’d join in… But suit yourself!

What are you getting into?

There are various rounds (mountainbiking, running, canoeing) that you have to finish within the time limit. In each round, you’ll have to find as many checkpoints as you can. You can find those checkpoints through coordinates. Smart navigation is more important than speed, as the checkpoints are hidden. In between the rounds you’ll have to perform Special Tasks (e.g. archery or robe climbing). Adventure racing is all about fair play, so… no phones, gps, or navigation tools are allowed. Joining a 14 hour race makes you a winner instantly, but the real winners will be awarded with amazing prizes!

USC Adventure Race Amsterdam



4 May @ 19:00
5 May @ 15:00





Sportcentrum Universum
Science Park 306