Sports massage

Sports massage

A healthy life includes training and moving. Physical activity does have a huge influence on your general fitness. Sports massage can be a great addition to your training, and a good way for your muscles to recover.


Belinda van der Heiden is a NESPG certified masseuse. With her you are definitely in good hands.


• Always bring two big towels to your appointment
• Make sure you have taken a shower and stopped sweating before your massage
• Clean your feet with care in advance
• Don’t wear any juwelry or watches
• Inform the masseuse about any health conditions in advance
• Consult a doctor or physiotherapist first in case of physical complaints
• You should pay with a debit/credit card before the massage, at the front desk of Universum.
• If you cancel your appointment 24 hours or less in advance, you will have to pay the price, or find a subsitute for your time slot.


Mail for an appointment:

sportcentrum Universum
Science Park 306
1098 XH Amsterdam

Costs (incl.BTW)
Cat. I  € 25,- (30 min.)
Cat. I  € 45,- (60 min.)
Cat. II/III  € 30,- (30 min.)
Cat. II/III  € 50,- (60 min.)

Pay with debit/credit card before the massage at the front desk of Universum.

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NB: Sports massage is not covered by your insurance.


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