Sports physician

Sports physician

To exercise is fun and good for your health! To exercise in a responsible way is important. To prevent injuries is paramount to exercising in the long run. In sportcentrum Universum you find the SMA Science Park (Sports Medical Center Science Park), with every Tuesday a sports physician.

Why visit a sports physician?

If you do get injured it is advisable to seek professional advice to find out how to recover in an optimal way. The sports physician can help both absolute beginners and professional athletes. Furthermore you can consult the physician for short tests and check-ups.

Our sports physician

Liesbeth Lim is very experienced in different kinds of top sports. For 15 years she was committed as sports physician to the Koninklijke Nederlandse Gymnastiek Unie. There she did the medical assistance of the national gymnastics selections. She has ample experience as a team physician at (top) sports events, among which: ‘WK, EK, NK, Universiade, Koninkrijk Spelen, Europese Jeugd Olympische Dagen and at international training stages’. She contributed to the IOC book series ‘Handbook of Sports Medicine and Science, Gymnastics’; prove of her extensive track record in the gymnastics arena.


Since 2016 sports physicians have become medical specialists. Therefore (injury) consultations are covered by the ‘Basisverzekering’ (basic insurance). For this you need a subscription letter from your house doctor.

Sports tests, compulsory tests and  cycle tests are covered by the ‘Aanvullende verzekering’ (additional insurance) (if you have any). For these you do not need a subscription letter from your house doctor.

Health tests at the USC

At the SMA Science Park you can also get short health tests. For this you do not need a subscription from your house doctor. These tests are not covered by the health insurance. You pay in advance at the Universum desk.

Single tests
– Blood pressure and Heart rate
– (Total) cholesterol check
– Glucose check (blood sugar level)
– Hb check: Hemoglobine check
(red corpuscles, anaemia test)

Combination tests
– Cholesterol & Glucose check
– Blood pressure/Heart rate & cholesterol check

Blood pressure/Heart rate & Cholesterol, Glucose & Hb check

Specialty tests
– Heart film in rest (ECG)
– Pulmonary function test

Regular consultations

Every Thursday in Universum

Consultation appointment 
Call (0297) 230 960 (PACA Aalsmeer) and refer to location Universum.

Health tests

Walk in consultation hour for health tests
Every 1st Thursday each month
Tuesday 17.15 – 18.45

Appointment health tests
Subject: USC test

Dates walk in consultation hours 2018
4 October
1 November
6 December

Tariffs health tests
Blood pressure and heart rate € 7,50
(Total) cholesterol check € 7,50
Glucose check (blood sugar level) € 7,50
Hb check: Hemoglobine check (red corpuscles, anaemia check) € 7,50

Combination tests
Cholesterol and Glucose check € 10,-
Blood pressure/heart rate and Cholesterol check € 10,-

All-in-one test
Blood pressure/heart rate, Cholesterol-, Glucose-, Hb check € 20,-

Specialty tests
Heart film in rest (ECG) € 35,-
Pulmonary function test € 35,-


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